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"you listen to me." "no. i want your driver's license and insurance, please. then i will liiten to you." why a cop ii under scrutiny for the way he handled a senior citizen. citizen.more u-s embassies under attack.. attack..matthew van dyke, libyan freedom fighter: 0.39 "these things tend to spread. the specific reason why a mmryland man who witnessed the overthrow of khadaffi thinks the violence could get worse. worse. "a chance for rain.when it could arrive and a look ahead to the weekend in my skywatch forecast." forecast."and turning the tables on the judges. judges.armenta says:that's why you use autotune and i dont donthow one contestant on x- factor was the one with the brutal criticism. hello... im jb.../ and i'm jennifer gilbertt
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focusing on the mind of the teen accused in the shooting at perry hall high school. school. that's... what attorneys ... for... robert gladden... were doing... at... a... court appearance ... today in towson. towson. gladden's bail hearing was postponed but as &pcrime and justice reporter jo lepola tells us...... the teen's attorneys are trying to convinne a judge tried as a juvenile. 15 year old robert gladden appeared in court with his hair much like it is in this mug shot... he stood before the judge wearing a black t-shirt and black baggy pants. a teen indicted on 29 counts following the perry hall school shooting that critically injured another student. gladden's attorney's want the teen tried as a juvenile. the state has charged him as adult. 22:25:59 you don't throw somebody away at age 15 for a ad act. but, this bad act threatened the safety of an ennire student body. thousands of students attend perry hall high. defense attorneys
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nnw say ttat gladden didn't intend to hurt anyone but himself. stand up 22:36:05 gladdens attorneys say thee believe the 15 year old actually had a death wish thee first day of school when he showed up armed with that double barreled shotgun :15 22:30:42 i think he expected to be killed and i think he a posting on gladden's facebook page said as much. 22:30::8this is his first day of school and last day of his life :53 the picture painted by attorneys.... suggests gladden is a troubled teen who's been tormentee by a disfynccional home life. 22:27:47 you have aa adolescent who's alone scared independent automous despressed and overwhelmed by his personal circumstances problems that may still haunt the teen. during a stint at a state mental hospital doctors evaalated the 15 year old. he's since been placed on suicide watch. while the events that landed him in jail remain a blur....gladden's attorneys say that he regrets that another student wasurt. :18 he said one day he would like to meet the child or his parents and express his regret forrhis behavior :22 gladden
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remains held without bail... this as the legal battle begins over whether he should be tried as an adult or juvenile. in towson joylepola fox 45 news aa ten. gladdens attorneys asked for today's ostponement because they hadn't had time to review the state's medical report on gladden. check out... the entire interview... with...gladden's lawyers ...on fox baltimore dot com.../. click on "raw news." ...and you can ee all of our stories about the shooting at perry hall high school by going to fox-baltimore dot on "perry hall shooting" in the hot topics section at the top of the screen harffrd county... is... mourning... the loss... of a second deputy... in... one week. ian ...lough-ran ... died... of a heart attack... at his home... today...//. he... showed... symptoms ...of heart failure... wednessay .../ during ... the... funeral... for... his... fellow deputy,.../ corporal... charles licato...//. licato... was killed... last thursday... wwen... he crashed.. his ccr... on... route 1 darlington....// he... was... commng home... from work. and we brought it to you as breaking newson fox45 news at
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five.. . a... man...killed... ../.on... this section... of the metro tracks.../ near... the... west... cold spring... metro station.../.the... man... was walking west... on... the... eastbound traccs../. ...whhn... he... was hit by a train.../// no... one... on the train... was injured fighting back against crime in baltimore's mount vernon nnighborhood. police say shooting, using intelligence they got from neighbors. neighbors.janice park is live the new developments ii a shooting thht left ooe man dead, and a community leader still in the hospital.janice? janice?jennifer,we are ive here at mount vernon paak...where after this double shooting, patrols weee beefed up.two rookie officers wwree patroling here, and arrested a man on a gun charge...only to later realize they now had their prime suspect...for the shooting that happened less than mile away. there's an ease to andrew mccarty's early evening walk today.a sense of relief that's been absent for a while.last month...mccarty's two friendss
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were shot just feet away from hotel:"it made us all stand back and redo what we do on a daill basis"local artist alex ulrich dead...and the man known as the mayor of mount peterson...still in the hospital.but tonight, an ones...and an entire community have been waiting to hear:an ar. arrest..."oh a huge relief this is whht we've been waiting for since the night of the incident" incident""what i can tell you what's behind thii henous incident is robbery, and that it still remains an active investigation"police say the suspect... quintonnbass...only came to balttmore this year... leaving behind a criminal trail in north carolina. last month, under the glow of the washington monument...two the area found bass and others at mount vernon park. paak.the very place ulrich's
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family had a vigil...a few weeks berfore.bass as arrested for having a gun with an obliterated serial number... using vital information from neighbors.. police soon discovered.that they had their man.leaving friends like mccarty, to put their full focus once again on the surviving victim.: victim.:"that your we're looking forward to - having you back and taking care of us like you always have" police believe they have their prime suspect...but could be other for larry peterson, he is still at hopkins, but at last check some good news, he's in fair in mount a... maryland fugitive... iss.. in... custody today.. / thaaks... to... p facebook..../ police... say... 29-year-old... dylan naecker... s captured... after... his girlfriend... clicked... "like"... &p on... a... virginia sheriff's... facebook page..../naecker... is... a...
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registered offender.../ who... allegedly... fled the area... without ...telling police.../. both ... he... and his girlfriend... face... charges. fox45... teams... up... with... átheá... most popular ...crime mapping website... on-line.../// "spotcrime"... tracks ... criminal activity... in your neighborhood..../also... get... e-mails... whee crime happens.../.sign... up.../ by... going to... fox- baltimore dot com../. click... the "hot topics" rime" - section.../ at... the top of the scceen violence raging in the middle east today...embassies in egypt... and yemen ... stormed by protesters ... burring flags ... and speaking out against america there are reports of arreets in libya in connection with tuesday's attaak ... but they have not yet been confirmed by tte u-s.we are americans who died alongside ambassador christopher stevens... in libya one of those men -- forty-two year old glen doherty -- wws a former navy seal, whose family says livee his life to the fullest ...and this is a quick look at the film.... that started the's a short aaerican-made movie...
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released on you-tube...called "innocence of muslims".the film mocks islam's founding prophet, muhammad calling him a killer, pedophile and womanizer.the producer has now gonn into hiding......and he may have spent time in federal prison......but information about him is tough to find... ...because he could have up to 10 fake names a libyan freedom fighter who calls baltimore home......also calls the men who stormed the american embassy, 'lunatics.' paal gessler sat down with the filmmaker today to get his reaction to the attack. attack. nearly a year after a airport in november 2011: m "victory!"matthew van dyke is planning his next trip to the middle east.(protests)the filmmaker is keeping a close eye on libya this week from his home in baltimore.matthew van dyke, libyan freedom fighter: "this is where the problems in the world are occuring, and what happens there does affect us."the u-m-b-c grad helped his libyan frrends fight for freedom matthew van ddke, libyan freedom fighttr: "my friends needed help, so i went to help them overthrow the regime."he even spent nearly ix months in prison.which is whyywhen protests started popping up in
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egypt tuesday, he was concerned.matthew van dyke, libyan freedom fighter: "these things tend to spread. the arab world uses satellite something happen in one country, it tends to repeat protests spread to benghazi, libya.the u-s ambassador and 3 other diplomats werr killed. matthew van dyke, libyan freedom fighter: "you're talking a country of several million people and these were 20 guys--50 at the most--who attacked, you know, a few pickup trucks of lunatics."van dyke says security needs improved at embassies cross the mid- east.but, americans shoulddsee libya as a strong ally.matthew van dyke, libyan outraged by it as much or more than americans, because they also deal with the shame of their own people having done this. and, they want it taken care of. thhy want toosee justice done."in baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. van dyke says he saw the movie middle east..e calls it "amateurish" and "trivial." some... of... the... sparrows point... steelworkers ... who ... accepted their employer's... offer... to... retire in august .../ and... get a... $10,000 bonus.../
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are... told... they woo't receive... the money after all. all.that... accordinn their union pressdent ... who says ...between... 100... to 200 workers... retired last month.../ with... the understanding... that for the bonus.... / - andd.. have ...since been told... they retired too late... &p to... get it..../many.. are... now árescindingá... heir retirement..../ but... the company... will likely... claim the bonus... wasn't guaranteed.../. r---g... in may. it's a star-studded fundraiser in support of same- sex marriage in maryland. ut it's taking place miles away tonight in new york city. ddrector john waters, actress susan sarandon and former first daughter barbara bush are joining governor o'malley at the james hotel for the event. tickets are priccd 250 dollars. dollars.maryland is one of four states where same sex marriage is on the ballot this year. coming up... tough talk... on another question on the maryland ballot.our town hall meeting... about the dream act...its our cover story in just 15 minutes... on fox45 news at ten it's a rare day when the
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orioles pack the stands for a thursdaa afternoon game in september. but... it happened today ....and the fans who showed up got their money's worth// seeing the o's celebrate anothhr thrilling victory./// and as melinda roeder reports this has truly been a seasonfor recapturingthe orioles magic.// magic.// 13:59:55 "chek your bag right here, sir"at camden yards -- (kid) 14:12:17 "let's go o's!" theee's a special kind of magic in the air. (14:06:57 - &pbird in wind)13:07:48 "we cam down opening day and that day was magical."you can hear it in the ssands...13:52:13 "let's go o's. let's go o's" and feel it in the hearts of ffns.13:33:58 "i nt to morial bn to camden yards since . through tte highs and all the lows." the "lows" lating longer than anyone would'veliked.. 3 13:08:09 "my senior year in anything."was the last yea be exact...13:28:32 "i had this pin 15 years ago, that i
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"he's nevee seen a winning team."but this year - 13:40:53 - wooooo!!!"...the oriooes have stepped up to the plate....á13:11:06 - shot of license ppate13:14:35 "i thought it as onna happen last year. this year was just uubelievable."melinda - "i'm twelve years old." 13:16:42 "i am even years old."too young to remember the but old enough to know a day at he ballpark beats... goong you supposed to be in school e right now? yes. but your parents let you play hooky. yeah, they got me out." 3 if they weren't here on this thursday afternoon... 13:23:47 "i'd probably be in social studies right now."13:16:36 "math probably."13:09:12 "science."13:16:47 "which is better, science or baseball? baseball."happy to cut class... 13:05:32 "are you supposed to be in school today... maybe." pven happier to see the o's playing even happier to even happier
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to see the o's playing so well....13:24: 02 "go o's"this is the season - no one predicted...13:07:44 "i knnw we were gonna do good, but not believed....13:38:50 "we believed. we believed."in that so-called orioles magic... 13:23:19 "now that they've continued fighting for firrst place,... i've never seen something like that."and they pledge to keep the faith... right thrrh the playoffs. 13:41:48 "we will be sitting "no matter what happens, it's been a great season!"news at &pten. ...and... the orioles... he a new challenge... for kids.../. kids.../.this website details the "go orange" challenge.the schoothat does the best job showing their support forrthe orioles will get a visit from an oriolls player &pplayerschools... have uil september ... a... 5 p-m... to submit... their entry..../all... the information... is linked... to our website.../ fox-baltimore dot com... slash newslinks 3 "step out of the vehicle. get out of the vehicle. get out of the vehicle." police video...of a woman... pulled out of her car... the argument that started the whooe thinglater on fox45 news at ten but next...a candidate for congress in maryland... backs out.the voter fraud she's accused of committing... porgan state...
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morgan sttte... university
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students... are... calling... for peace...// after... yesterday's... shooting... on campus....// myyanda... stephens ... has... more.../ on... the... unique way... some are asking... for... the violence... to end. 3 nats of megaphone at organ staae university... students quad"... in a call for peace... following yesterday's violence. chinedu nwokeafor 124 this is more than a campus, this is our home. we sing our alma mater, fair morgan, this is what we believe in, so we have to all be safe 31 on wednesday... the campus was shut down... after a 19-year-old man was shot inside the university's student center. police say the victim and the gunman apparently knew each other... but neitter is a studenttat morgan. nats of duct tape @ 3:30 inesponse to the
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violence... students donned oran x-es... made out of duct-tape.they ho to raise awars and create unity. myranda 10:48 the tudents say their message is clear. yesterday it was a local baltimorean. tomorrow it can be one of us. 55 2:26 it hurt ear about it, bbt it's another portunity twe can use to come together 3 circle that we form, there is eginning. there is no end. l of we arene 4 it waa those same seen campusaslier tay on giant prayer circ oside lancedwet youw t e happ who were apart of this incident. ahawe're about. mmittetoring ourselv, our school and our communitynd hopefully make ace hometheyal. a who's in the hospaln icu, to wak wake up and realize s stick together as a unit 49in
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police say... the victim... wa cs... visiting... his co - who's. .. member of the ho'... footb the ... shr's...ll on e loose. ca says goodbye to hero... ins digniries/// astronau.. on nional orf service wanation cattedral..// .. perfoedmoing "fly the n".. erce.... nena.. who..... ...and... lame sface 3 "neil ino reluctantl th irst world ann whe he ahat can be achied cans through edn." dedicaon." armng icatns from heart -years
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ld. aronburial sea will be dates and their unning he prsia mat rkingup the miles. it's l abouthe ttleground sttes aacksecan plomic stumpspeeches.... idobhit th in olo maing t 9th stophere just "this year". romney ct tte crises in oba's weakness. as an xa oays: "i want people around the worto hearr. terror" punished."romney s "sometimes iteems that we are at the meof events instd of aping events and a stramerica is essentiallto shape events d
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a strong amicbyay depends on a strong military." on friday...the house is expecteto outle defense spending cthaul reach a deal to preventthem. with the nomber election less than weeks away, maryland democrats are still without a first district congressiinal candidate. as jf abbll shows us their orginal candidate stepped dowafter lladers of her own party accused her of voter fraud. frau herrgr campaign was fueled by prefirst district coogressman andy harris. (2:14) "this guy is such a tea partier that next week he's doing a lecture on mority....." as a politician she promised to right the wrongs. and as a small businesswoman, she fought against fakes. (:38) (american made alliance video) "retail ccstomers have no way of knowing whether they're buying authentic or fake." but party leaders noo believe authentic erself. in
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two rior elections, democratic party leaders accuse their ffllow democratt of voting twice.....once in maryyand....and again in flooida. (1:09:34) (lee) "you have someone running for congress who voted in two different states in two different elections you'd think she'd thoughouthat before she ran for congress....." on monday, rosen withdrew from the race.....but its too late to remove her name from thee ballot. (1:11:19) "you had this odd situation where on monday they democrats issued a press releaae asking democratic voters n the first district to vote against the mocratic ndidate there will be a wr insead." pitical analyst air e says the issuraise fareer quens aboutter frd. :03:56) "ya know, we the counnrwhen i go , giv , ad mentn of rosen bowing out of the race. she's still and stitwo support..... appearances this week jeff abell, fox 45 news at tee.
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e stosecute hayet toconfm e. ationsate exper believe statute of limns hava l about the race for the white house on our website... including one about how the president's moy donors this that by going to fox-baltimore dot com... click on vote-2012 in the hot topics section at the top of the screen beautiful week all week week will it carry on into the weeke? weekend? here's chief meteorologist vytas reid reid 3 3 "step out of the vehicle. get out of the ehicle. get out of the vehicle." get out of the vehicle."
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get out the vehicle. "step out of the vehicle. get out of the vehicle. get out of the vehicle." a woman... pulled out of he car... the comment that set the officer 100 minutes on fox45ews at ten ...and taking on... the dream act.inside ouown hall meeting...whee we come back for illegal
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immigrants......its a topic that has everyone talking.......and we gave dozens of marylanders a chance to share their opinion on the issue in our studios tonight.... tonight....i served as meeting andor our town hall - and karen parks as aaso in studio b as the opinions were f. flying.... that's an understatementt....butthere at fox 45 inside this studio.....we wanted to hear what our viewers had to say.....and there was a lot of heated discussion.....but most felt they had the chance to share and listen..... listen.....//
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(25:50)(heated exchange)all ive heard from you is inaccuracy..........fuzzy math.....fuzzy math...... marylands dream t......a controversial measure facing maryland votees this election.....(8:03)(patricia with illegal people......its a measure passed by the legislature that would give a chance at a college education by payinggin-state tuition rates..... (45:57)(hickson)we want to makeesure we ke educated peple here and we educate the people we was an issue discussed here at the pox 45 studios......a town hmeeting .......that had heated moments.... (26:50)(heated exchange)you are also proud to beean must love me since you love illegals..... the dream act...... which will now be decided by voters states that a student may only receive tuition breaks if they college within four years of receiving their maryland high
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school diplomm and attend a maryland high school for three documentation thht their paaents or legal guardians filed maryland income taxes for three years that the student attend the maryland high school.....(2:21)(dytynia reed)it shows that you are invested in the younger geneeations in the residents &pof the state in general...... once students receives 60 college e or she would be eligible for in state tuition a four year maryland univeristy.... (27:10)(mcdonough)it takks lawful presence who have ut violated the laws of the united states of america and places thhn in a position where they receive a benefit of up to 40 thousand dollaas over a four year period which the taxpayers of md will subsidize and pay for it.... the 2012-2013 in state tuition at the university of maryland is close to nine thousand dollars a year for a full time undergraduate student....while
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the out of state cost is nearly twenty eight thousand dollars....(9:52)(dr. jack gordon)its going to cost the state of ma lot of money in lost fees at a time when education is already expensive......(nats)our e with plenty of agenda's with differeplatfms.......and all wanted to be heard..... (51:22)(podium)if students that are eligible for the md dream act re able to pay more in income taxed....sales social security after they receive a dree can we afford not to support the legislation????? you can see the entire discussion by going to click on town hall meeting under hoo &ptopic. here's... our question of the day.will you vote or against the maryland dream a? act? ceboootonight are y cleabonearl
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everyone said they shod ánotá pay in-state 3sh slx-baltimo is stilgog ogo out of the vehle. get t the vicle. e." 3 heated..why an officer pulled a woman out of her car... omment that set him off. ,..and b-g-e...llor how itrestored powerter the deeeho...he key according to b a texas police officer under a texas police way he handled a traffic te
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ttdrives an eld as less th thing was caught on amera. 3 "alright let's hurry up, i've got to go to the bathroom." "let me see your driver's license and insurance please" i et eer driv's licens please." " me." "no. i want your errs licse a inranc ease. thei will3thmore heated as 77-ar-old lynbedford grabs bedford by the arm... pulling hhr out otte vehic. "you are hurting me" "getut of the vehicle." i'm gog "oh.. oh... you're under te arrest" 3 bedford was later red and received citations ffr speeding and failing to show
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ys the sergeant followed protocol... but bedrd's attorney is independent inveigation. a... 4--th... grade... classroom conttoversy...// over... a... 9/111.. lesson... at... a... texas elementary... school.../ school parents... a. upset ... after a teacher ... tell students. tuesda7y.../ to... draw graphic attacks.../// grimillion's... daugher... home.../ rningg..buildings. terrorist pilots... laughing.../ and.../ people... jumping... to their... deatts.... / on... that awful day...// in;"thats somethingout:"suicie out:"suicide the school is looking into thent. storm earlier this suer.... the one at taught the word "derecho." john rydell says.. b.g.e.... i.. being questioned... storm.../ byy.. members... of commission...vice commison. 3((storm)hetorm struck
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maryland with devistating path of ce...leing destruction.throughout the mid-atlantic...four millionn customers...lost power. o today...bge executives...appear ed before thpublic service explain...hoo thresponded. "we are intensely aware of the adverse impact that this had on our customers."bge president and c.e.o.en defontes... says there were numous issues...that compounded the problem.unlike hurricanes...there was no advancc warning...that this storm would so a took ost of outt of-state crews.more than two (gould) "we restored about 80 percent of our customers within four days but that didn't atter to the remaining 20-percent and we get, we're not tone deaf(rydell) "bge officials are alsoting an earful from their customers who lieve that those sive underground. bge says that would be far too costly but
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they say thhy are moving in lookg at areas where we kn e we can go in and we can underground a certain portion of line and know hat it will make adifference if thh cost beeefit is there we're open to that and we wiil do that and we are doing that."but b.g.e. exeirecutivoal is to re-design their help restore power innjust a few days.her than one weebhe be diffilt...if anr "rechhit... without any baltimore, john rydox 4ell, fnews duringhe "derecho" ...b.g.e. ec million phonecalls and e-mailso 3 &p3 3 the...
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doo days of summer... are over / .../ but... these pups... ddn't know it...//. check... out... this... canine... swwm party ... in idaho...//. the... "howling... at the hamilton" ... is... an... annual fundraiser... to... benefie... humane society ...// when... the... park closes... to humans ...for the year.../ , the... dogs ...take over... pefore the pool... is drained.../. nearly... 350 dogs ...took part... in... thhs.... fundraiser.../. which... raised... 303 no more sugary sodas in new york cityy... the drastic step to curb obesity... and the one armenta says: i thhht who the heck are you, baby face gave you, your joboq: i'll s you ater x2 and the real shocker... this cootestant... ddopped on x-factor...after thh break 3newwyork city's...
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anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
10:42 pm
but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. board of health ...voted
10:43 pm
today... to ban the sale of sugary drinks.../. inn containers ...larger than 16 other venuess...// the move... is meant to combat obesity...
10:44 pm
and... encourage residents... to live healthier lifestyles...//. critics... incluuing... mcdonald's and coca-cola, ... have assailed the ban as "misguided" and "arbitrary."the ban will not apply to grocery stores. bloomberg says: ""ugary drink consumption is a key driver of obesity in our city and across the united states, and reducing the amount of sugary drinks that we consume is the simplest diet change that we can make to help lose w" hoff says: "there's no indication that banning these beverages in certain establishments across the city will do anything, ut there's a lot of indication that it will cause a lot of problems both for individuals who want the choice to rink them and for the businesses that will beehurt by this." thiss" the law is scheduled to go yearthe group is connidering a lawsuit and otherrlegal options to stop the ban... is... facebook... making you fat? fat?that's... the... topic of one study.../. results... say... spending time... on the social networking website.../ takes away time from physical activities.../. on... average...
10:45 pm
moot students ...spent an hour a day... on... various... sites.../. researchers... found... that this... much time... spent online... cut... into time... they... ácouldá... have spent... being active. ballimore raven ray rice is launching a campaign to support the ellicott city pommunity after that deadly train derailment. ...tonight's word on the web,../. web,../. carrie peirce... tells us... how the football star... is... to... help... local businesses. 3 it's been three weeks, since a train derailment kiiled two college students in ellicott is getting some much neeeed ty help. p3 this was the scene last month ... after a train ran off the tracks.. spilling coal onto main street and burying 19-year-olds elizabeth nass and rose mayr.. who were sitting on the bridge.damage from the accident is estimated at $2.2 million dollars.... including the cost of environmental also took a toll on nearby businesses who were forced to clooe their doors.... while the crash was under investigation.that's why ray rice has partnered with the ellicott city business association to set up a
10:46 pm
facebook auction of donated rrvens items.anddbeginning tomorrow, local merrhants and restaurants will offer themed specials arounddrice's jersey number 27. the specials run through october 10th... that's 27 days..... and 27 percent of sales will be donated to community recovvry efforts efforts 3 for a list of restaurants andd ittms for auction, go to fox baltimore ot com slash carrie peirce and thats your word on the web. wednesday ... premiere ... of... the "x-factor"... had... several... performmrs.../...and... decided... to go affer... the j. judges.this is shawn armenta. his hobby is singing and songwrrting...the judges didn't appreciate his talents......but then... he went after them...saying britney speaas should stop copying áhimm...that l-a reed got his job because of baby-face...but he saved his toughest words... for demi lovato use autotune and i dontarmenta says: yes she does. they all do on disney channel.armenta says: i havennt made money at it. but its my hobby and its
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my life. maybe one dayyi will. but im not going to do something i love watch the x-factor next wednesday and thursday at 88.. 3ight here on fox455- the orioles do it again... see who was the hero after 5 hours and 14 in sports unlimited... cut down on your energy bill... which the temperature from your l smartphone... and how much money you coulddsave. bth - medicaremedicare has been in the news lately with mitt romney's selection of congressman paul ryan as his vice presidential running issue is the ryan-wyden plan - a bipartisan medicare reform proposal developed by ryan and democrat senator ron wyden of oregon. under the proposal anyone aged 55 or older would not see any
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changes. those younger would president obama laims ..- medicare is in fine shape -- we only need to slash reimbursement's the &preality. medicare part a wil go bankrupt in 2024. that's goose egg. the tank is empty. - medicare trustees. the people who run the meddcare trust fund. medicare hhs been in deficit spending for four years. and will run out of money in just 12 years. this will occcr in spite of the facttthat under obamacare high income workers will hhve their medicare payroll deddctions - employer and employeee- increase 31% starting in january.the medicare trustees call for a 47% increase in medicare taxes or a 26% reduction in benefits to avoid may not like theeryan--yden plan. but something needs to be done. any politician who says medicarr is just fine is not being honest.for more on this story visit behind the headlines dot net. and follow us twitter and facebook. i'm mark hymann [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because wknow how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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pnc bank. afternoon at camden yardd..the orioles going for theethree game sweep against the rays... also looking for win number 81, which would ensure their first winning record since the 1997season..oh yeah, they were also looking to hang into share of first place... place... pick it up in the bottom of 13th..tied at 2...runner on 1st...manny machado bunts... throw to first bounces..
10:52 pm
machado's safe...2 on, nobody's mark reynolds' turn...bloop to shallow center..endy chavez has to hold at 2nd...ball drops... station to station...o's have bases loaded with nobody out... .robert andino can win it... sharp grounder to 2nd...rays get the out at out.. winning run still at 3rd.... matt wieters pinch hitting for teagarden...chris archer fell behind 3-oh...but comes back to strike out the o's 2 outs with the bases loaded....last night's hero nate mclouth...a chance to do it again...but he strikes out...o's had the bases loaded and no outs and do not score....bottom 14... machado hits a flare to left... matt joyce dives...but can't make the grab...adam jones scores the game--inning run... orioles sweep tte rays in 14... 3-2..13 straight extra inning's their 81st win... snapping their long stteak of 14 year consecutive losing seasons... 3
10:53 pm
3the yankees also won tonight, so the o's remain tied for first...what ray lewis says theedefense needs to o to stop michael vick...coming up on the late edition at 11-30... 3 if... we... askeddyou, .../ "whatts... your favorite... techie gadget?" we ... doubt ....ou'd say... your home... thermo-stat...//. but people couldn't get enough of the 250-dollar nest thermostat. it was sold out for ámonthhá when it first came patrice sanders explains... consumer reports just tested it and other thermostats... to see which make t easiest to cut your energy bill. bill. ((pat on cam))the nest learning thermostat was designed by part of the same team thaa came up with the ipod. you're supposed to "use it like your old thermostat, and it'll program itself."(v/o)
10:54 pm
consumer repoots tested the pest and 29 other ppogrammable thermostats. one of its unique features - motion sensors that detect when you're home.(sot) "the nest will actually set up its own program. and then it keeps tweaking the program based on the input it gets from you and from its sensors." (v/o)the nest is one of several new thermostats that lets you use your smart phone to change the temperature, even if you're not at home.a key test - just how easy each thermostat is to use. turns out programming theenest manuallywwsn't always so straightfooward.but consumer reports still recommends it... unlike the venstar wireless remote model t-11-hundred r-f. it was the toughest to set up. (sot: celia lehrman)"i want to program it. so what button do i press? well, it's probably 'mode.' so i press this button, and nothing happens." (v/o)another important assessment... how clear the display is.(v/o)in the end, these three thermostats were
10:55 pm
some of the easiest to use - with their colorful, touch- screen - a different venstar - the colortouch series t-58-hundred- is the least expensive of the three at 170- dollars. and its clear graphics make programming a snapp for far less, this no-frills 70-dollar lux thermostat from powe's is a consumer reports best buy. it's relatively easy to program and lets you enter different settings for each a programmable thermostat can potentially save you up to 180 reports says to get maximum savings,depending on the season, raise or lower the thermostat five to 10 degrees overnight and when you're out. that should cut your bills on average abbut 0 to 20 perrent. patrice sanders, fox45 news at ten. 3 --cheering nats-- nats-- a streaker in spiderman mask outruns two security guards... but his luck runs out .... how police managed to track him down.
10:56 pm
...and coming up innjust 5 minutes on the late edition... edition...a multi million dollar smuggling ring busted at j-f-k airport.the suprising people who were arrested.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
country's biggest stars are coming to maryland.your chance to win tickets to ...wearing nothing but... a spider-man mask.../
10:59 pm
pulls off a daring stunt. stunt.and now,,he's been dubbed the best streaker ever... --cheering nats---- it happened at a florida high school homecoming you see him running naked acrrss the field... falling to the guard chase after him... one of them slipping... as the streaker jumps another fence and hops into a getaway car.
11:00 pm

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